I read a new book

I very much enjoyed reading SOMETHING TO CROW ABOUT by seasoned mystery writer, Maris Soule. It is fast paced, satisfying entertainment. Accountant-amateur detective P.J. Benson Kingsley wanted to finish her client’s tax returns and bring Wade’s and her baby into the world in a nice orderly manner. But, in her role as an accountant, P.J. catches the unwelcome attention of deadly international criminals. If that weren’t dangerous enough, being a stepmother to a delightful seven year old, P.J. manages to step into a toxic situation. If you’re a hands-on action with plenty of puzzles to solve fan you will love this book. This story isn’t dependent upon the reader having read other P.J. Benson stories, but if you are also a P.J. fan from past Maris Soule books–you will want to check out SOMETHING TO CROW ABOUT.




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