Welcome to the website of Annette Briggs.

My usual fondness for paranormal has turned to fanciful story adventures like alternative history and steampunk.

From time to time writers, authors, readers and experts will stop by, I’ll share some of the things I’ve discovered, and we will have some fun.

Have a wondrous day,



Current works in progress:


College student, Emma Langley, and Peter Carlson, a British actor whose image Emma had used to comfort her in her time of grief, are transported to a hospital in Steampunk England by contact with a magical book. Mad scientists have saved Emma’s life using the magic to transplant her brain into the body of Peter’s beautiful deceased ex-wife whom he detested. One scientist is inhabiting Peter’s body while Peter’s brain is in a lab beaker. Emma forces the scientists to restore Peter’s brain to his body.

They plan to bring the book to its owners for a chance to return to the twenty-first century. The scientists fight to keep the book. Queen Victoria has benefited from the book and will stop at nothing to own it herself, and a super-natural swami has been sent for the book. At the monastery where the book belongs, the only man who can grant their return is dying from injuries he received when they arrived, and they must see to it that he is saved.

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