Annette Briggs grew up in a small southern Michigan farm town with a feed mill, a dairy, and a casket factory. She discovered early on that if life was going to be an adventure, she needed to start making things up.

Annette and her only sister created television and radio programs that they performed for anyone within hearing distance. Then she sketched cartoon stories. In elementary school there were the endless tales she wrote and passed to various classmates that kept continuing and continuing and …

By the time Annette was fourteen she sold one of her school essays to the local newspaper. Then she sold another and another. In high school Annette was included in a teen talk show the local radio station aired where she got her chance to write her first radio commercial for one of the sponsors.

Michigan State University absolutely dazzled Annette with a catalog as big as a New York City phone book. There was so much to learn and only one lifetime in which to learn it.

Facing a lonely summer after her freshman year at college, Annette started dating a hometown boy. They both hungered to experience the outside world. There was chemistry. In the middle of going to separate colleges, they married.

While raising a family of five, Annette reported obituaries and weddings for one of the small town papers, sold the occasional article or short story, and sold to LEFTHANDER magazine.

Annette belongs to Romance Writers of America, and to the local chapter, Mid-Michigan RWA. She took over as editor of the chapter newsletter, Mid-Michigan Mirror, when it became an online edition.

Now, Annette’s adventure is to create bigger stories, novels that are full of the unexpected. If it tickles your fancy, you’re welcome to join her on her quest.

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